My Gold Nugget

10 Alaska Gold Nuggets 0.5-1mm


We guarantee 100% the authenticity of the nuggets.

Natural Gold includes both nugget and flake shapes, over 85% of natural gold nuggets are flat and flake shaped.

Get gold in its most beautiful form – just as nature created it!


Because the 10 pieces of nuggets are randomly selected with different shapes, there is no specific weight. These are randomly selected from an approximate size of 0.5-1mm gold with nugget or flake shapes. These gold nuggets are sold in relation to size not by weight. Image has been enlarged to see details. Note that you will not get the exact nuggets shown, but similar ones with the same size and weight. We do this to keep cost low by not having to photograph and post each nugget one at a time. However, you will get the correct size and weight, which will be 0.5-1mm. We use a three-digit scale to weigh all our gold nuggets and if you only have one digit, it may not register exactly, but it will be the right size and weight. The scales are calibrated before each batch is weighed and double verified by employees before shipping by weight and quantity.

Natural Gold directly from Alaska Gold Miners, It is authentic gold, in its natural state.

Gold nuggets are rare, only about 3% of the gold obtained remains in its natural state, the rest is melted.